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Principal's Message


S. Vanitha, Principal

I am really happy to share with you all the opportunities as we promise to treat everyone as gifted and talented individual and to foster those talents and gifts through careful membership and guidance.

School life is a time of change, but it can be challenging with the workloads. I encourage you to do the following to be successful in your life.

  • Make good use of your agenda
  • Stay organized
  • School is Important
  • Get involved at your school
  • Join a sport
  • Figure out what your hobbies are and find a club that watches that
  • Make friends with everyone
  • Don't compare yourself with others
  • Eat breakfast and lunch
  • Get enough sleep
  • Never give up

I am excited for the opportunity to work with you and your student to make a whole student. Parents to note down the following points.

  • Spend quality time with your children
  • Share your free time on outing
  • Do take care while watching TV programmes
  • Show support for your child's education
  • Make a Home a good place for learning
  • Reward progress.
  • I am honoured to serve as your Principal.