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Welcome to Bharath Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School (CBSE)

KG & Primary Graduation Day


Mr. A. Mohanakrishnan, Correspondent

Yes, we are embarking upon a career that gives us an unparalleled opportunity to make a difference in the world. Everyday should be filled with surprises; new experiences,challenges & excitement. Hence, Bharath Vidya Mandir began her first hand journey of bearing in the year 2013 with students & Member of staff. Mr.Mohana Krishnan, the correspondent & Mrs. M. Kanthimathi, the Principal of the school instilled the sense of responsibility that paves the way for a child to become successful in life.

They have planted the seeds that will somebody grow beyond our wildest dreams! Their potential for changing the world is matchless. In order to experience the thrill of education & to share the vision of perfection, Bharath Vidya Mandir fragranced the inaugural function, with the August presence of Mr.R.M.V Raman, EXIM Bank , Mumbai on 2013. The Opening day was devoted to the hundreds of exhibits, exhibited by the students, to get ready for the grand adventure. Parents, teachers & Kiddes rolled up their sleeves and got to apply a great deal of 'elbow grease' as the first day of school rapidly approached'.


Mrs. M. Kanthimathi, Senior Principal

Mrs. M. Kanthimathi, the Principal of Bharath Vidya Mandir, is the sole pioneer. To put it in her words, "Success doesn't come easily; it begins with a clear vision of what we want to achieve with our students. Then comes a great deal of work, and more work & even more work!. When we first begin our mission, the nights will be short, & what time we actually do have for sleeping will be spent dreaming of our students, our classrooms, buildings & activities. Effective educationists breathe, eat, drink, & sleep their profession at first in order to build a foundation for a successful Academic career.

Just as sleeping Beauty of the fairy tale, had a veritable army of fairy god mothers to ensure her success & happiness as a princess, so to, Bharath Vidya Mandir, grow up with many mentors through the first year of seedling. I owe much to everyone who helped in the growth and still I look for resourceful, reflective & reliable growth in the years to come'.

Creative & Innovative Ideas

By our School Students

Our Mission & Vision

Our school prepares students to understand, contribute to, and succeed in a rapidly changing society, and thus make the world a better and more just place. We aim to edify them about the worth of

We are determined to create an atmosphere where values are considered an achievement.

Blissful Moments / Achievements

C.P. GOSHAN SHREE RAM - V STD - Wordsworth International Spell BEE

C. SHRIYA KRISHNA - VII STD - Wordsworth International Spell BEE

Golden brushes of
painting contest

International rank holders of wordsworth English spell bee

Our little stars
of anantham tv events

Our maths fames of Wordsworth International level Math bee

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